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CDR Contact Information

Learning Plan and Activity Log Submission

Activity Log Audit

CPE Database - Locate Approved Activities

CPE Prior Approval Activities - Policies and Fees


Registration Eligibility Processing System (Program Directors) (Students)

Verification of Registration Eligibility, Application and Examination - For First Time and/or Repeating Candidates

International Reciprocity for Registration Eligibility

Registration Examination Scoring, Administration, and Validation Procedures

Registration Examination Institutional Score Reports

State Licensure Board - Request use of CDR examinations for licensure purposes

State Licensure Board - Request for RDN exam scores sent to State Boards

Registration Fee - Maintenance, Payment and Identification Card

Verification of Registered or Board Certified Status


Credential Misuse and Code of Ethics

Digital Badging for Certifications

Name or Address Change

Board Specialist Certification - Eligibility, Application, Scoring, and Appeals (CSG, CSO, CSP, CSPCC, CSR, CSSD) (CSOWM)


Advanced Practitioner Certification - Eligiblity, Application, Scoring, and Appeals

Assess and Learn Series

Certificate of Training in Obesity for Pediatrics and Adults

Registry Statistics

List and Label Rental for Credentialed Practitioners
InFocus Marketing
800/708-LIST (5478)

Scope and Standards of Practice

Student Research and Survey Process
Students are able to get access to a member list to conduct research.

Further information:

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