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Frequently Asked Questions

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Accredited Program

How do I become an accredited CPE program provider?
How do I locate a list of accredited CPE program providers?
Fact Sheet

Advanced Practice Certification

How do I become certified in Advanced Practice?

Appeals Process
            How do I file an appeal?


Assess and Learn Module

Which Assess and Learn modules are available from CDR and how do I purchase them?

Board Certified Specialist

What are the requirements for board certified specialists and where are the examinations offered?

Gerontological Nutrition
Obesity & Weight Management
Oncology Nutrition

Pediatric Critical Care Nutrition
Pediatric Nutrition
Renal Nutrition
Sports Dietetics

Information for Canadian RDs

CPE Database

Where do I locate the online CPE database?


Code of Ethics
            Where can I locate the Code of Ethics for credentialed practitioners?


What are competencies?


Credential Title Option




Credential Placement

How do I place my credentials?


Entry Level Exams - RD & DTR

What are the RD eligibility requirements?
What are the DTR eligibility requirements?

Where can I purchase a study guide?

Examination FAQ
Where can I locate orientation materials for newly credentialed practitioners?


Fee - RD & DTR

How do I pay my registration fee?



How do I provide feedback to CDR?

Fellow Certification

How do I find about the Fellow certification program?

Focus Area Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance

Tools used by credentialed dietetics practitioners

Mailing Lists

How do I purchase mailing lists for CDR credentialed practitioners?

Message Center

How do I access the message center?

Name & Address Change

Instructions for changing my address online.
How do I change my name?


Does CDR have a newsletter?

Professional Development Portfolio Recertification System

 Where do I find the Professional Development Portfolio Guide?
 How do I submit my learning plan?
 How do I log my CPEUs?

Prior Approval of CPE programs

How do I submit my CPE programs for prior approval?


Reauthorization to take then entry-level exam

How do I become reauthorized to take the entry-level exam?

Registration Statistics

How do I locate how many practitioners are credentialed by CDR?

Registration Status Certificate

How do I purchase a registration status certificate?


Registration Verification

How do I verify if an individual is credentialed by CDR as an RD, DTR or board-certified specialist?

Staff Contact List

How do I locate a CDR staff member by area of expertise?

State Licensure

How do I find out if my state has licensure?

Weight Management Programs


When are weight management programs offered?
Obesity Interventions for Adults
Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management


How do I order a weight management self-study module?
Obesity Interventions for Adults Online Course
Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management